1. WHEN WILL I RECEIVE MY COZY SLIDES?                                               All items go through a quality check once you place an order and is shipped within 1-2 days of placing order. It typically takes 2 -3 weeks for orders to get to our customers. May experience longer shipping times due to COVID - 19. Safety of our customers is our number one concern.
  2. HOW MUCH DOES SHIPPING COST?                                                        All orders come with FREE shipping worldwide.
  3. DO I GET CHARGED EXTRA FOR CUSTOMS DUTIES/TAXES?              No, you will not be charged anything extra, all custom duties are prepaid. In case you face any issues with duties just contact us and we will look into it.
  4. RETURN/REFUND POLICY?                                                                        To be eligible for a full refund of your order, request of order cancellation/refund must be made 24 hours after purchasing. This is due to our quick processing order fulfillment system that processes the order as soon it has been purchased and is sent out to be shipped right away. To request a refund please email us at cozyslides.ca@gmail.com with you order number and reasoning of why you wish to cancel your order WITHIN 24HRS of placing your order.